Day 790: Happy Easter!

Madison was up bright and early and was thrilled to see eggs sitting outside her bedroom door! She woke Jack up and the two started hunting for eggs all over the house. Madison logically and carefully placed each egg in her basket. Jack loved to throw the eggs around to try and break them open. They followed a trail all the way to the family room to find their baskets filled by the Easter bunny!

After breakfast, Madi and Jack went for a visit to Pam and Medfords to bake cookies, open presents and play with bubbles! 

Madi and Jack then headed to the beach for the annual Easter Parade!

After the parade, everyone went to Nana & Papa’s to open presents, play games and get ready for Easter dinner.

Easter is always a fun time with the family, but was extra special this year. Everyone got to meet our newest family member- Callum, and Madisom was able to spend time with everyone before departing for St Louis next week. 

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