Day 787: Medek!

Madi had a busy day. It started with a visit to a new therapist that a few of her friends see for a therapy called Medek. Mommy had been looking into it for a while but never followed up until now. The therapist wanted to meet Madison prior to Madisons surgery. She was excellent and worked Madison very hard. She was exhausted after. They did lots of balancing activities, weight transferring for walking and used a vibration plate for the first time. 


After her session, Madi headed to lunch with Alex and Suzanne and then went to March of Dimes for an afternoon of conductive education. While she was busy with that, Mommy & Daddy went to a meeting. The meeting was with her school team for JK to plan for her transition to kindergarten in the fall. Things that were discussed were: support with transitions of the day, toiletting and outdoor play. Equipment needed for the school was discussed so it can be ordered in time. There were 9 adults who all shared their work with Madison and what they will do to support her. It was an incredibly positive meeting with lots of next steps and plans put into place. 

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