Day 785: Last Ballet Class

Madi had a great session at Grandview today working on combined PT & speech. They focused on maintaining a long/smooth sound of voice for speech. She did lots of core for PT. Her planks on the ball were pretty impressive. Jack was a super star and kept himself busy with some new OT toys. 


Madi had her last ballet class of the year tonight. She has been dancing once a week since September, so everyone was sad that it was the last one. The rest of the class is continuing until June when they will dance in a recital. We are hoping Madi can join the class again next year and dance in the end of year recital with her new legs! Thank you to Suzie and Denise Lester Dance Academy for a wonderful experience that was inclusive and so much fun!

Madi ended her busy day with Shannon to get a massage. Her new bolster was ready for pickup. This will serve her well for stretching and floor time. Thanks Shannon!

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