Day 764: Yoga Star!

Madi had a great time in yoga class this morning at school. She loves trying new poses with her friends. Her fav’s today were child’s pose and hot air balloon!

Madi worked on some good stretching and strengthening exercises today at Grandview from her pre-op booklet. Her “skill of the day” that was focused on was learning to stand up from the floor.

After Grandview, Madison went home to relax and have some down time on her iPad. 

Later in the evening she headed to ballet and then massage. Even after a day full of movement and exercise, Shannon noted how tight Madi’s muscles were. We are going to try to increase her Epson Salt baths and add more massage throughout her day as her cramps and spasms have significantly increased. 

Happy Birthday Grandma Sandra!

Thank you Muckish Irish Pub & Blessed Cardinal Newman High School for your astounding donation of $8,292.00 for Madison and her SDR surgery in St Louis. We are 41 days away from her surgery and can not thank you enough for helping her get there! We will think of you all when she takes her first steps! Thank you and God bless! 

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