Day 745: Van Life

It’s sometimes sad to think back on the day and realize how many hours were spent out of the day in the van driving. Or how many snacks and meals were eaten in the van going from point A to B to C to D. But when Madi says how much she loved all her activities in the day, her legs feel great and she’s happy being busy – it’s all worth it!

Madi and her buddy Ella love mat time at school working through all her pre-op exercises.

After school, it was pizza for lunch with these two crazies 

Madi and Monika did some great walking at March of Dimes this afternoon! Madi loved reading about the truffula trees today. Her job was to walk to get a tree, and walk back to a different table to plant it.

Madi had her picture taken at Grandview today with the local Pickering newspaper to share her OHIP news!

 After pictures, Madi and her buddy Evelyn had an OT session together. They did a self assessment of where they are at with their self help skills like putting on their own socks or a shirt. They did different activities sitting on a stool to practice putting an oversized shirt on and learning how to stretch out their socks to fit over their feet. They did some work with stickers and colouring too – lots of learning and lots of fun!

Jack was a trooper today and just went wherever his sister went. He loves exploring the halls of Grandview!

Madison’s day ended with one of her favourite things…ballet class! Her ‘In My Own Skin’ shirt and hat arrived today! Thanks Mo!

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