Day 741: Madi Got A Bike!

Madi and Jack had a sleep in this morning while Mommy had some radio interviews with 640 and 1010. They asked great questions and it was awesome to continue sharing our story in the hopes of helping others.

Madi skipped school to get some sleep and to go to a vendor who was in town from Quebec to check out a bike. Madi trialled the bike, got measured and picked her accessories and then the order was placed! She will be getting her new purple trike in 2 weeks! 

Madi made front page of The Toronto Sun again today! So proud!

She spent her afternoon relaxing after the last few days of craziness. Loves her new headphones and easy hold iPad case.

Madi had a great swim tonight! Lots of good work on transitioning from back floats to tucking her legs in to try and stand up. She also did lots of great walking around the hot pool. 

Jack loved watching his big sister swim but he also loved checking out all the basketball in the gym

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