Day 739: OHIP Approved!

We would like to share some exciting news. Late last night we received a letter, sent by courier, from the Ontario Ministry of Health, approving the OHIP funding for Madison’s surgery. We want to thank everyone for all of your help getting us to this place. We are proud of the time and energy put into this battle that we came out of with success. We now have the exciting task of redistributing some of the excess funding, that was generously donated to us, to other families who are in need of financial assistance to get to St Louis. We will move forward with our last fundraiser planned for March 18th as a celebration of achievements and to help others like Madison. It will also be a time for Madison to visit with her family and friends before heading to St Louis.

Some of you may also have heard that our fight for SDR funding was raised in the Ontario Legislature yesterday by Jeff Yurek The Honourable Member for Elgin-Middlesex-London. 

Here is the link:

 Yurek is also planning a Press Conference for next week and has invited all SDR families to attend. He also plans to address this issue again next week in the legislature. In the meantime I am mobilizing all the SDR families to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to force significant change that will hopefully result in funding for all families in Ontario. 

Thank you so much from Madison and on behalf of all the SDR families who will hopefully benefit from this unbelievable effort from our family and friends. 

Thank you to all of our donors and the different fundraising initiatives for helping us get Madison to St Louis and ensuring she can have the therapy that she needs when she returns home. 

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