Day 730: Feeding Cookie Monster!
Mommy was busy running around this morning as usual, and when waiting in the car for an appointment to start – this article popped up in an email.

Thank you Branksome Hall for all your love and support!
Jack was back at the doctors again for his one year shots…and to get more meds for his never ending cough and cold.

Jack and Mommy picked up Madi from school and then headed to speech! Madi learned new floor exercises to help open up her rib cage and lungs for deep breathing and projection of voice. We already see a difference in her volume and tone. 

She was also taught a sequence is quue’s today to help with the clarity and length of sound when sitting. She was very receptive to trying the strategies and sub vocalized them every time which was awesome to see! “Hands on my knees, sit up tall, big breath in and GO!”

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