Day 727: Thank You Canada!

The last 48 hours have been magical. The power of media support to bring awareness and advocate for change has been overwhelming but awesome! Thank you to everyone who continues to share our story and cheer for Madison. Thank you to the media for believing in our family and our story and for helping give us a platform to spread awareness about the challenges other families like ours face in the province. We are so close to our goal and we feel very blessed to have everyone a part of this amazing journey.
Here are some pics from our crazy, but amazing day…

  • CFRB 1010 News radio interview
  • Canada Now on XM radio interview
  • CTV studio visit for news at noon
  • Spot on the CTV National News!
  • Lots of celebrity re-tweets 
  • Go Fund Me page trending internationally! 
  • A very happy little girl

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