Day 722: Jack is One!
One year ago, our family became complete. We can’t believe our baby is one today.

Madison was super excited that it was Jack’s birthday today.
She insisted on waking him up to sing happy birthday. She pushed open his door and yelled “Birthday boy wake up” and then started to sing – Jack smiled and laughed and thought his sister was so funny.

They had a quick breakfast and then headed to both of their gym classes. 

Madison wanted to help Jack open his presents as soon as they got home. She helped him rip off the paper and cheered him on.

Madi and Jack met up with Nate for a play, dinner and some yummy birthday cupcakes! Mommy was super happy to see that Madison could access part of the play place all by herself!

Once the birthday boy was in bed, Madi headed to a sleepover! All the “big girls” at DLDA – Madison’s dance studio held a sleepover fundraiser tonight to support Madison’s upcoming surgery. They were all in onesies and gave Madi big smiles and hugs when she arrived. Mommy and Madi thanked everyone and she gave them cupcakes to say a big thank you for all their support and love. 

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