Day 708: Back at the Gym

Madison and Tiffany started back at gym class this morning. They did different balancing activities which was perfect for Madison to do some standing and on one foot too! Madison was super excited to see Tiffany again. Jack and Daddy had gym class as well in the kids gym space.

Madison spent her afternoon visiting with friends at the house. Her Uncle Brad is home for the weekend and stopped over for a visit and to check out Madis new physio gear. Ruby was also over at the house for the day so Madison and Jack  loved playing with her too. It was a busy afternoon in the basement. 

Madison finished her day by supporting her cousin at ‘Curle’ a curling fundraiser for a man named Jerry and his family who live in Tanzania. She LOVED that different teams dressed up – her favourite was the unicorn team. If you are interested in learning more about this fundraiser please visit

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