Day 706: Press Release

Jack had his first day of daycare today! With Madison’s new therapy schedule, Jack will be going to daycare one day a week to have fun with little friends and have a day free of the car and stroller. 

Madison was the same age as Jack when she started daycare…here is a pic of both their first days!

Jacks first day was great! His buddy Owen greeted him with a big smile and the two played all day. He slept, ate well and was all smiles at pickup!

Madison had a great afternoon at March of Dimes. Her time there has now significantly increased in preparation for her upcoming surgery. She spent 3 hours there this afternoon for a total of 6 hours this week. One of her activities she did there today was sitting cross legged while practicing zipping up her sweater. She showed Mommy excellent walking at pick up time. 

A massive team of people have been supporting Madison and helping her journey to SDR slowly become a reality. One of those people is cousin Meredith who created and distributed a press release today. It was shared with most major newspapers in Toronto as well as smaller community papers in the Durham area. It highlights the upcoming fundraiser at the house of ‘The Ultimate Leafs Fan’ who is encouraging press to attend the event. Hopefully the press release draws some attention and interest. Thank you Meredith!!!

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