Day 703: Thank You Embroidery Specialist!

Madison was happy to see Papa at music circle today. Mommy, Papa & Jack picked up Madi from school to go on a special trip. Madison went to embroidery specialist to thank them for their contributions and support. They have been a major donor/sponsor to the Mike GREGOIRE Memorial Golf Tournament for the past 2 years. Madison thanked them and gave them a sign and a framed article. The whole family is very thankful for their support!

Madison had a great swim lesson with Ryan and Jessica tonight. They spent lots of time on floats and body alignment on her back. She was super excited to get a Flames swim team sweater from Ryan as being one of the “Mini Flames”. Thanks Ryan! 

2 thoughts on “Day 703: Thank You Embroidery Specialist!”

  1. Omg! Try and keep up, indeed! Thanks so much for the work you put in to educating us and keeping us in formed of Madi and Jack’s many adventures – we look forward to them every day. We would greatly appreciate it if you would please tell us the website to go to to help out with Madi’s surgery.


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