Day 703: Thank You Embroidery Specialist!

Madison was happy to see Papa at music circle today. Mommy, Papa & Jack picked up Madi from school to go on a special trip. Madison went to embroidery specialist to thank them for their contributions and support. They have been a major donor/sponsor to the Mike GREGOIRE Memorial Golf Tournament for the past 2 years. Madison thanked them and gave them a sign and a framed article. The whole family is very thankful for their support!

Madison had a great swim lesson with Ryan and Jessica tonight. They spent lots of time on floats and body alignment on her back. She was super excited to get a Flames swim team sweater from Ryan as being one of the “Mini Flames”. Thanks Ryan! 


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  1. H, M & K G-T

    Omg! Try and keep up, indeed! Thanks so much for the work you put in to educating us and keeping us in formed of Madi and Jack’s many adventures – we look forward to them every day. We would greatly appreciate it if you would please tell us the website to go to to help out with Madi’s surgery.


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