Day 701: CP Warrior!

Madison had a great start to her Saturday morning. She had a photo shoot with Meghan at Sparks Photography to capture her true warrior spirit with some girlie flare. Madison will be using her photos for various fundraising events coming up and to continue spreading CP awareness and for SDR awareness. Her cute little outfit was made by Mini Pixies! Thank you Meghan and Jenn for helping us have such special photos of our special little warrior…these photos are from my phone – real ones to come!

Madison was super excited to have her new treadmill delivered today! Daddy figured out a way to get the 500 pound treadmill to the basement and 4 hours of building later, it was ready! Thank you to all of Madison’s donors who are supporting her in her dream to walk! We will think of you as Madi takes every single step on her new treadmill!

Madi and Jack finished their day with a visit to Shannon for a massage and then running a few errands for odds and ends for Madi’s new “training space”.

For the past week, Madi has requested “working on her reading” before bed. Tonight’s activity was sorting pictures and words and trying to make matches. She LOVED it!

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