Day 692: McMaster Children’s Hospital Visit

Madison’s battle for OHIP coverage continued today with a visit to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton. About a month ago Madison was denied OHIP coverage for SDR surgery until she gets the out of country OHIP forms signed by a peadiatric neurosurgeon. So today she travelled to meet with a doctor who has the ability to approve coverage to submit to OHIP. She was a bit nervous to meet the new doctor and said frequently “I don’t want to get fixed today”

The appointment was some what positive. The doctor agreed that Madison is a good candidate for SDR and was very consistent with all the other people we have seen in terms of his information and feedback. When we asked him to sign our out of country OHIP forms he said he would like to, but that OHIP has enforced protocol that he has to follow. He is referring us to see another doctor in the MAC spasticity clinic and then under their guidance, he will sign our forms. He really pushed information on us about considering the surgery in Canada or waiting to see it go back to Sick Kids or possibility at MAC as he said it’s not an emergency and it might be better to wait and see what options we have here. We told him our decision is to go to St Louis, we told him all our reasons and research backing our decision and he was pretty receptive to it all. We requested the clinic notes to help with our application. He was aware of our surgery date being in May and was confident that he could get us into the clinic before then. We hope to hear about the appointment in the next week or so and hope that it will be before May.

Madison did a great job showing off in her walker and helping Nana and Papa to entertain Jack. 

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