Day 645: Christmas Countdown!

Madison had a great afternoon with SUZANNE and Janine. On their way to March of Dimes they drove around the neighbourhood to look at all the decorated houses and Madison counted 20 Santas!

Madison did a super job at conducive Ed today. She worked with letters, words and numbers and did some great crossed leg and side sitting!

Madison and Jack love to give back to all the places that have done so much for them. One of the ways they have most recently given back was to Grandview and being a part of their Impact Report for 2016. It was released to all their donors and the public today and Madison and Jack attended their celebration at Grandview’s main site to see all the photos and booklets revealed. 

The kids got a special framed photo as a thank you.

Madison is super pumped that tomorrow is December 1st! Mostly because she has a beautiful advent calendar that Pam made her. She has a stocking for each day with a special treat inside. Thank you Pam!

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