Day 634: Going in Circles

Just as Madi started to have a few days of relaxed tone, her tightness and pain kicked back in this morning which made for a difficult start to the day. 

She LOVES going to her gym class at Variety Village with Tiffany, but today she was not in the mood to walk or do much for the first half of the class. Near the end, she tried walking on the track and playing different ball and net games which was good. 


Jack kept himself busy while his big sister was in her class. 


Thank goodness Madi already had a massage appointment booked for today… Perfect timing! Shannon observed some increased tightness and a definite overflow of tone to her upper body in her shoulders and arms that we have not seen for a while now… Poor kiddo… Can’t wait for May for her surgery so this type of pain and tightness can be dealt with.

We decided to ditch the “to do list” for the rest of the day and have some fun getting ready for Christmas and the Santa Claus Parade tomorrow! Madi and Jack went shopping for some new outdoor decorations, made cookies for the parade tomorrow and helped Daddy build their new snowman to which Madi has already named him “Frosty-Olof”. Madi also decorated her Santa letter envelope that she and Nana wrote together. Madi is very excited to give her letter to Santa’s helpers tomorrow. 

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