Day 631: Feeling Free

Madison was thrilled at school today when an ambulance visited. One of her volunteers Greg is a paramedic and brought his ambulance to school today to teach Madison and her friends. This week at school they are learning about Doctors and hospitals so she is right in her element. 

Madison had a great session at conductive Ed today. She was tighter then normal in her hip flexors and hamstrings but she did awesome walking with her canes!

Mommy was so excited and proud at swimming tonight. Madison held onto her turtle flutter board and kicked on her tummy, floated and kicked on her back in her life jacket and did awesome independent walking in the water. The best part was feeling her legs after. She was able to be free and relax in the water which meant no muscle spasms and a great bedtime. Can’t wait for her surgery when she can aways feel that way!

Madison’s Go Fund Me for her surgery:

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