Day 627: Indoor Fun!

Madi and Jack were up bright and early for a massage with Shannon. Both kiddos had been uncomfortable this week so it was needed for both! Thanks Shannon!

Madi and Tiffany had a play date this morning at an indoor playground! Madi climbed, crawled, slid and played with Tiffany and had a blast. She told us her favourite activity was playing air hockey! Thanks Tiffany!

Madi and Jack spent their afternoon planning for Madi’s surgery! Today’s focus was fundraising planning with a group of family, who brainstormed specificly for online crowdfunding. Thanks to everyone who attended near and far through email, text and at the house! Thanks to Brian and Christina for hosting and for all your help Brian! Madison’s first part of her fundraising campaign will be launched this week!

Thanks Nana and Papa for entertaining the two monkeys while Mommy and Uncle Brian worked on the campaign.

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