Day 625: Pre-School Superstar!

One of Madison’s favourite parts of the day is walking down the ramps after school to go to the car. She is so strong and confident now in her walker that she tries to lift her legs in the air to ride down the ramp in her walker.

Madison and Jack spent some time with Pam and Medford this afternoon while Mommy was coaching. They had a great time having dinner and playing together all over the house. After dinner Nana & Papa picked them up to go home while Mommy and Daddy were at Parent night at Madison’s school. Papa chased Jack all over the house while Nana and Madison played with Madi’s play food and read books before bed.

Mommy & Daddy met with Madison’s teachers to discuss her goals for this school year, checked out her favourite activities and saw lots of work samples. They also presented Madison’s written plan for the year. She is happy, participating, being challenged, being independent and doing so well! CICC is the best!!!!

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