Day 620: University for a Day!

Today Madison went downtown to the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine to teach physiotherapy students about how she moves. She was an awesome teacher! The program she visited is called O.I.E.P.B.

The Ontario Internationally Educated Bridging Program (OIEPB) is designed to provide educational opportunities for physical therapists educated outside of Canada, who already possess specified qualifications, to develop the additional knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning required to meet Canadian entry-to-practice standards. The University of Toronto, Department of Physical Therapy and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration are in partnership to offer this program.

Today, the OIEPB learners were introduced to paediatric physiotherapy. The learners were asked to conduct portions of assessments that were unique to paediatric clientele or clientele with a neurological, cardiorespiratory or orthopedic condition that was diagnosed in early childhood.

Madison did an awesome job! She took part in different activities to show her different transitions and movements that she can do independently. They watched her do things in and out of her AFO’s, passed around her equipment for the students to observe and did different stretching and range activities to teach how to assess and measure her catches and range. 

Michelle went with Madison to learn about what different things Madison does everyday and took lots of notes for a written profile assignment for school that will be about Madison and her upcoming surgery. Thanks Michelle!

The students then spent their afternoon problem solving different movement goals Mommy presented to them that they will pass along once they finish the assignment. 

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