Day 596: Joint Appointments

Madison and Jack were up bright and early for a day full of appointments. They ate their breakfast and were out the door at 7:30. Their first stop was to see Eric. Madi needed some work done to her AFO’s and Jack needed his helmet adjusted.

Jack has had another reaction to his helmet. He has an infected hair follicle so he is not to wear his helmet for a few days until the swelling goes down all the way. His helmet has also been turning on his head, so Eric added some new padding to try and stop it. Eric also used the camera to re-measure Jacks head to see what changes have happened to this point. We should have the numbers in a few days. Once Jack was finished with Eric, Madi and Jack left to get some breakfast and run some errands. 

After a while, they went back to Eric’s to pick up Madi’s AFO’s and to review the adjustments made. Eric added stretching straps to the AFO’s to give her heal cords and calfs a good stretch. He also added a strap to the back to lock up the hinge so that her feet stay in proper alignment to protect the tissue on the bottom of her feet from shifting to incorrect positions when transitioning from the floor to standing and walking. 

It was then time to head to Grandview. Jack had the first appointment. He did some tilting on the ball and in front of the mirror to strengthen his neck muscles and he also got a good neck stretch.

Madison worked with Kate on some new stretching activities to activate and strengthen her dorsiflexion in her feet as well as a bridging activity to strengthen her gluteus. They finished by practicing some walking and learning transitions to sit on the potty independently. 

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