Day 581: Working the Crowd

Madison had multiple opportunities for performing in front of an audience today. Her first opportunity was at school during story time. Madison had a turn for show and tell today. She stood in front of her class and held up pictures from her birthday party on the weekend. She told her class about her party and did a great job explaining things with a big loud voice.

After school, her Aunts Janine and Suzanne took her to see Sassy for riding therapy. It was cold and rainy so she stayed indoors for her lesson. She did a great job sitting tall. She had many people watch today’s ride, including her buddy J.R. who had his lesson with Sassy right after Madison. 

Madison then went to Nana and Papa’s house for a play and some dinner. She pretended to call different people on their phone, gave out lots of tickles to everyone and watched her brother Jack pretend to be a gymnast on the toys and furniture crawling and moving everywhere! Madison also tried walking around their house using furniture, walls and other objects to help her stay upright walking without the use of her walker. 

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