Day 561: Walking in Unprotected Environments

Madison’s highlight at school today was during story time. Her job was to hand out everyone’s paper with names on them. She was able to read every name in her class and hand them to the right people without any teacher help! 

Madison and Stephanie had a great session together at Variety Village today. Madison went on the swing with Stephanie and worked on her balance and core strength. They also went outside to the accessible playground. Madison worked on walking in an unprotected environment by walking up and down the ramp with an incline and walking on the grass and wood chips. She did amazing!

After a busy day, Madison went downtown to cousin Theresa and Kathleen’s to visit with all the ladies. Madison played with Jack and popped in and out of the meeting as she played. Mommy and everyone were trying to work out some details and planning for the golf tournament fundraiser that is quickly approaching. Madison did a great job contributing! For those interested in playing golf or attending the dinner and silent auction please visit


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