Day 545: “You smell good”

Madison has been very affectionate and loving since mommy has left on her trip. Lots of “I love you”, hugs and “awwwe”. This morning was a first after daddy got ready for work and made madi breakfast, madi looked up and said “daddy, you smell good”. What a kid …

Speaking of mommy on her trip. Katherine has made time to miraculously send daily cards for madi to read, which she is very appreciative of.

After breakfast we walked jack over to pam and Medford so we could head to MOD. Madi had a super fan (mimi) watching today’s lesson.

After a break in the afternoon it was off to the village for some improvised physio. ..

The day ended with Madi returning home to see best buds jack and Owen playing in the family room. 

Thank you to everyone for their help so far! We are almost halfway until katherine is home and takes back the blog! Haha 

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