Day 541: Guest Blog By Tiffany

Today Madison spent the day with her buddy Tiffany who she knows from pre-school. Tiffany and Madison love spending time together and today they went to the zoo.

“Madison went on the Carousel twice as soon as we got into the zoo. She sat on two different monkeys. Then we made our way to see the Pandas. There was a long line for the pandas. Along the line there were different exhibits and information booths for the pandas so Madison explored the different booths with her walker. Madison loved watching the pandas eat and play, she didn’t want to leave. After the pandas, we went to see the penguins. We watched the penguins swim under water. Madison was very excited when the penguins swam close to the glass. We also went to see the polar bears and the gorillas. Just as we were about to leave Madison said she wanted to go on the carousel again and the splash pad. Madison went on the carousel 3 times in total today, each time on a different monkey. Unfortunately when I went to change her for the splash pad her legs were very stiff. She was in a lot of pain no matter which position she was in. Even though she couldn’t change, Madison still wanted to play in the splash pad. So we played at one of the small fountains, putting just our hands and feet in.”

Thank you Tiffany for a great day! Madison was so happy when she got home.


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