Day 501: Play Date!

Madison had a great morning with her buddy Ben! They played with his kitchen and food toys, and then went outside for bubbles and some chalk fun on the wall while they both practiced standing in their walkers. For lunch they had Madison’s favourite- chicken fingers and fries! After lunch they played in Bens cool playroom. Madi didn’t want to leave so she shut the door and barricaded it so herself, Ben and Bens Mommy couldn’t get out. She is already asking for another play date – she had a fun morning!

Madi then headed to Grandview for the afternoon for both PT and OT. It was her last sessions and she is now on a break until mid September. Kate adjusted her walker to make it taller and took some measurements of Madison’s feet and muscle catchments to use as comparisons before her next Botox scheduled for September when her blocks start up again. They finished with some walking in her vest. During OT she worked on finger strength and control with the putty and some pinching activities. 


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