Day 493: Success at Camp!

Madison is back at camp at March of Dimes this week. Potty training and independent walking are still the main goals. Madison was thrilled to report that she got 2 stickers for her chart for using the potty two times at camp! She talked about it all day and told people “Daddy will be proud of me” and “Daddy will be impressed”.

Madison had a good ride with Joe this afternoon. She was happy to have Uncle Mark and Nate watch and to meet Joe. She had a new teacher Cori who helped her work on lying on her back and sides while on Joe and learning how to correct her posture without cueing. Madison also worked on taking deep breaths to project her voice when giving Joe a command. Madison and Nate gave Joe an apple and a carrot to thank him.

Madison ended her day with a visit to Emily’s house. They went for a swim and did some good stretching.

This is the result of a good day of activity. Her legs are loose and feeling good so she relaxes in her car seat by crossing her legs by herself.

Jack loves snuggles with Daddy at the end of a long day while he practices looking to the right.

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