Day 461: Self Advocating!

When Mommy picked Madison up from school she was happy to see Madison sitting in the little floor chairs that her other classmates sit in for music time. Madison has been sitting in a chair with more support until today. Madison’s teacher reported that Madison requested to sit in the other chair today because that’s what her friends use. She wanted to give it a try and was successful! Mommy and Daddy we’re so proud to hear that Madi is speaking up to tell her teachers what she wants and needs. 

Madison did a great job with Joe today. When she mounted him, Madison’s teacher told her she had to use a loud voice with Joe today. Madison didn’t hesitate and yelled to Joe “WALK!” She was a woman on a mission and wanted to get going. They went for a long walk outdoors so Madison was very tired from being in the heat and having to balance on Joe on all the uneven ground. 

Madison had a relaxing afternoon hanging out in the backyard. She played with her play dough and bubbles. She was happy to have a visit from Nate and Uncle Mark. They had a good play before dinner. ​

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