Day 458: Problem Solving 

Madison had a fun morning with Nana, Papa and Jack. She helped Papa do some weeding, played peekaboo with Jack, visited with the neighbourhood cat and had lots of snuggles.

Madison spent her afternoon with Nate and Uncle Mark. They had a dance party. Madison kept trying to stand up on her own to dance on her feet. She quickly problem solved and went to the nearby ottoman, pulled herself up onto her feet, and then started to dance! Her and Nate also tried some tricky puzzles together. She needed some help at first and then figured out how to make them work. Nate and Madi did a good job teaming up to wrestle Uncle Mark.

Madison had some playtime in the backyard with Pam and Medford before bed. She used her walker on the grass to try and get to her slide. The grass was wet so she couldn’t move her walker very well. She quickly problem solved and figured out if she leaned all the way forwards with her body, the walker would start to move and then she could step quickly to keep the momentum going. 

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