Day 407: Standing Star!

After a few weeks break, Madison was back at the Village today working hard with Stephanie. They did lots of practice walking and used the treadmill. Stephanie stretched with Madison and assessed her flexibility, muscle range and catchment. She is in agreement with Kate at Grandview that it is approaching the time for Madison to receive Botox again. When Madison received Botox at the beginning of December it was estimated that it would last for about 4 months. Now – 4 months later we have seen the change and agree that it’s time to try it again. A super exciting moment in Madison’s session today was when she stood independently for 22 seconds! What was most exciting was that it was attempted at the end of her time with Stephanie. She was tired and was able to still do a super job!

After her session with Stephanie she headed to Great Grandmas apartment to help Nana pack up a few items. Madison’s Great Grandma is now living in a smaller apartment and the family is helping her downsize and keep various items important to her Great Grandma and the family. Mommy and Madi were happy to receive a silver tea and coffee set that was Madi’s Great Great Grandmothers. It is very special to have and she was happy to serve herself tea and play while everyone packed some things up and got organized. When it was almost time to go – Mommy, Nana, Uncle Mark, Aunt Nadia and Jack all admired the view from the belcony looking at the skyline and the CN Tower that was lit up green for organ donation awareness!



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