Day 395: Smartie Pants

Madison has picked up on what others refer to her as in conversations that she clearly listens to. Today she wanted to do activities in her Elmo activity book. She matched up colours and shapes by drawing lines and circles, traced letters and did some puzzles. Mommy told her she was doing such a good job which Madi then responded with…” Madi a smartie pants” Mommy had a big laugh and said “yes you are!”


Madison had a great play with Pam today. They played with Boggie, played with lots of balls, had some Easter treats and did some fun water play pretending to make cake and pizza. When she got home she got ready to help Mommy with the grocery shop. Madison found her sunglasses and waited for Mommy on the stairs saying “Madi’s a goofball!” Over and over again. Not sure who has called her a goofball, but she’s been listening! Hahaha


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