Day 392: Birthday Fun!

Today Madison celebrated Mommy’s birthday! Her day started with a special trip to the Rogers Centre to see Disney on Ice. Madison went with her buddy Charlotte and her Mommy. Madison loved every second! Her favorite part was watching Olaf the snowman dance under all the snow and seeing Mickey and Minnie – she did not like the genie from Aladin. She continues to talk about him and that he is scary. The costumes and music were great and so were the seats. Mommy was very proud of how well Madi was able to sit in her booster seat. She sat up straight even with no backing on it and moved her body side to side to be able to see around the heads in front of her. It was a super fun way to celebrate Mommy’s birthday!


Madi celebrated the rest of the day by dressing in green and reading books with her brother,  and then having dinner and playing with Nana and Papa!


One thought on “Day 392: Birthday Fun!”

  1. Happy birthday Katherine. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day. All the very best to you for the year ahead. Hugs & kisses, uncle bg


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