Day 390: Swimming Fun

Madison was happy to go to swim class tonight. She has been practicing her kicks and bubbles every night at bath time so she was excited to show Ryan. Madi has to arrive 30 minutes before the start of her lessons to make sure she has enough time to walk to the changeroom. Her walking has really speeded up. What takes the most time is she wants to try and open every door in the hallway now that she can reach the handles. She has also become more of a risk taker in trying to walk away from her walker to better reach things on the wall like buttons to open doors or handles.  She thinks it’s hilarious everytime someone tries to stop her from opening doors.


After her lesson Mommy and Madi played in the pool for a bit. Mommy was blown away with how tall Madi is getting. She can touch the bottom of the hot pool. Mommy was excited to see Madi standing by herself for a few seconds in the water and trying to walk around not holding onto anything.

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