Day 384: Bright Moments

Some days can be extremly busy, tiring, chaotic and challenging…but then there is the light at the end of the tunnel…a moment so bright and exciting that it stays with you forever and makes you forget about the hard days. Madison had one of those moments with Stephanie today – she took several steps independantly on her own. ..and on one of her attempts to make her way to the cabinet full of toys…she took 7 steps!!! Mommy cried instantly and cheered, clapped her hands and jumped up and down. Madison was so proud of herself after she realized what she had done.  Of course Mommy didn’t have her video on her phone ready so it will be a special moment shared between Mommy, Stephanie and Madi – but we promise we will capture a moment like that again in the near future and share it with everyone so you can feel the same joy that was experienced today. 

Here are some other moments from their hard work today:


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