Day 377: She’s so close!!

Madison had a great session with Stephanie today. She walked with the wagon around the track again, worked on standing while drawing and shooting basketballs and did fantastic manouvering around things with her walker. She also took 3 steps all by herself and made Mommy cry a little.She is so close to being able to take several steps on her own!  She is much better with her patterning of walking and the transitioning of balance. She needs to continue developing her balance when leaning forwards to walk. She leans so far forward at times that her feet cant keep up. She needs to continue to go slow and pause in between steps. Her development is so exciting to watch!


When Madison got home she was excited to have a visit with Pam & Medford. She loved looking through all the shells they brought back for her and a shell book to learn about all the different kinds. She is also currently snuggling in bed with her new chameleon she has named Chamie. She is very happy to have them home.


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