Day 374: Urban Adventure

Madison attended a family mass and lunch today in memory of her Great Grandad Lynch that the family puts on each year to get together and have a nice afternoon visiting with everyone. After the mass Madison walked from the church to a party room at the nearby Lawblaws. She walked along St. Clair that was very busy with lots of people out shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. This was a first for Madison as most places she walks does not have many people or things going on. She was a bit distracted and loved stopping to look around at all the people – but she walked the whole way! She had a big smile on and loved every moment. She is getting so much stronger and even braved the incline, multiple curbs and cracks and dips in the sidewalk. Once the weather gets better we will head out to the park more often to practice with her walker on uneven ground and how to manage curbs. It was a great afternoon visiting with everyone and enjoying some family time.


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