Day 360: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Madison had a LOVELY Valentine’s Day! Her day started with breakfast with Mommy, Jack, Uncle Mark, Nana and Papa. She loved eating her gingerbread man from Nana and reading her special Valentine’s books. Thanks Nana and Papa!

Madison then went to visit Great Grandma Gregoire.  She gave her Grandma some heart shaped cookies, visited with Aunt Suzanne and went for a roll in Grandma’s chair. After her visit she went back to Nana and Papa’s for a play, lunch and a nap. She did some math with grapes and had such a great nap she didn’t want to get up. When she got home, Daddy treated Madison to a yummy Valentine’s dinner with presents for dessert.

Madison had a good stretch sitting with her legs straight out in her gator splints while playing on the iPad.  Mommy and Daddy have noticdd that her botox is starting to wear off. In combination with that and her growth spurt she is alot tighter, so stretching has become part of the daily routine again.

Before bed Madi had a nice snuggle with Jack. She loves to hold his hands and sing to him.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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