Day 354: Big Girl Voice

Mommy and Daddy were happy to hear from Madison’s teachers today that she is using her big girl voice more at school. At home and around family and all her therapists she can be loud and clear and is working on it at school. Her teacher reported that she used a big girl voice at school during story time and even sang her teacher her ABC’S.

After school Madi spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos. They ate heart shape pancakes for lunch and had a good play.  Madison loved her big sister knitted hat and stickers from her friend Wendy and her Valentines books from Grandma. Her friend Wendy also made her little brother Jack a beautiful blue blanket. Thank you Wendy!


After dinner Madison loved her time with Emily. Their big focus tonight was standing. Emily said that Madison is wanting to do more and more standing by herself and is up more to play then on the ground. She practiced for her Stand Up for CE Challenge by shooting hoops with her ski boots. Emily also gave Madison a cute Big Sister shirt that Madi picked out matching pants for to wear to school tomorrow.  Thank you Emily!


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