Day 351: Back to School!

After a few days of staying with Nana and Papa and all the exciting life changes, Madison was back at school today. Nana and Papa Gregoire did drop off and said all of Madison’s teachers and friends were so happy to see her. She shared pictures with her class during circle time of Jack and she was very proud. Her teacher helped her make a special card to bring home as well.

While Madi was at school, Jack went home from the hospital! He was greeted by lots of balloons and a yummy lunch from his Aunt Nadia and Cousin Nate! They had a great visit!

After school Madison spent the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos. She played with her snowman and letters and had lots of laughs all the way home in the car. She was thrilled to see Jack when she got home. All her Grandparents joined her for a celebratory welcome home pizza dinner! Mommy and Madison had a special going to bed snuggle. It had been months since Mommy was able to put Madison to bed. Madi and Mommy read books, had some milk, sang some songs and had a good snuggle. It was special for Madi to say goodnight to her brother at home for the first time!


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