Day 347: Stand Up for CE!

Madison was feeling much better today and was able to go to school. Her favourite activity at school today was bouncing on the trampoline.

After school Madison spent her afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos. Grandpa set up the new keyboard and taught Madison some of the cool features and how to play twinkle twinkle. Madison has always had long fingers so who knows – maybe piano lessons are in her future.

pianopiano 2

Today was also the kick off day for:

‘Stand Up for Conductive Education’


Madison will be participating in Stand Up for CE 2016.

February 19 is National Conductive Education Day across North America

To celebrate the day in Toronto, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, participants will be ‘Standing Up for CE’ – raising funds from family and friends to support a challenge where they will complete a physical skill that they have learned to complete in conductive education classes – such as “standing up”.

It is believed that Conductive Education has the potential to make a significant, life-changing impact on the mobility and independence of close to nine million people in Canada and the United States.

Madison’s goal for this challenge is to stand independently for 10 seconds. It is something she has been working very hard on for the past year with Monika at March of Dimes. Developing this skill will continue to grow Madison’s self-confidence and skill base to hopefully provide her with the opportunity to walk by herself someday. This program has been life changing for Madison! 50% of funds raised will go directly to Madison’s conductive education sessions and the other 50% will go directly to providing other children with the opportunities Madison has had through classes, equipment and resources for instructors.

Madison appreciates any sponsorship that you can provide! Please note, donations of $10 or more will receive a tax credit.

Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation – your support has been very overwealming and we are very grateful!

Here is the link to her page:

Madison’s Fundraising Page

We will post some videos of Madison attempting her challenge in the next few weeks. Thank you!

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