Day 339: Birthday Dinner!

Today Madison celebrated Uncle Marks birthday with a trip to Memories of Japan. Before dinner, Madison wanted to make something to give to her uncle for his birthday. She wanted to draw him a puppy and make him a necklace. She ended up doing both and also made him a painting with glued on pasta that she painted. The gummy lifesaver necklace she made him took the longest because she put each and everyone on the string by herself. It was a great fine motor workout!

At dinner,  Madison and Nate closely watched the cook. They wernt too sure about all the fire and tricks but they seemed to enjoy it. Papa had a special gift for each of them – Toronto Blue Jays baseball gloves and a training ball! Madison can’t wait to use hers as she tried throwing the ball several times in the restaurant. Madison did a great job sitting up in her high chair and feeding herself. Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!


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