Day 335: Planning for the Future

Madison had a fun morning at school. She fingerprinted over a laminated snowman at sensory time and was an active listener contributing answers during story time. After school she spent the afternoon with Nana. They made necklaces using wooden beads and string, read books, put stickers of fish on a paper fish bowl, played with her baby and had a good lunch. Then it was time to work with Stephanie at Variety Village.

Physio with Stephanie today was focused on walking and standing. Madison used her walker to walk to the cardio room, walked on the treadmill doing intervals for 20 minutes and then walked back with her walker to Stephanie’s room where she did lots of standing activities.  Her stamina and pace of her gait has really improved.


After physio Madison went back to Nana and Papa’s house so Mommy and Daddy could attend a special workshop at Holland Bloorview about Navigating the School System.  It was a workshop to help prepare and guide parents through the different processes of the special education system. Madison will be entering JK in September 2017, but it is at this time next year where a decision has to be made to apply for a specialized kindergarten  program such as Bloorview or Grandview, or to register her in a mainstream classroom at one of her home schools. Mommy and Daddy are trying to do research so they can take their time in making a decision about what is the right direction to go.

For those interested or who are going through the same decision process, here are some slides from tonight’s presentation:

2016-01-20 Holland Bloorview Presentation – Alison Morse and Hannah Lee

While Mommy and Daddy were learning with other parents, Papa took Madison home for bed. They had some laughs with Carter and then listened to lots of songs on Papa’s phone. Madison then fell right asleep right before Mommy and Daddy got home.

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