Day 330: Sleepover!

Madison had a great week at school and with all her therapies. Mommy and Daddy changed her schedule this term so that the beginning of the week would be busier then the end – and so far the change is working well. Daddy picked up Madison from school today and was greeted with lots of compliments from Madison’s teachers. Madison was able to do her first flat puzzle and put all 9 pieces together. She also enjoyed threading wooden beads onto string. Her teachers are doing an excellent job at challenging her during quiet time with her fine motor and cognitive skills. After school Madison was tired from her long week that she didn’t make it out of the driveway before falling asleep.


Madison spent her afternoon at home having some free play, a big lunch and being silly with Carter and Stitch. She was then ready to head to Nana and Papa’s for a sleepover! She helped Mommy pack a few items and then left. Nana and Papa took Madison back in time to Wimpey’s Diner for some soup, chicken and fries. She liked coloring with Nana and ate a good amount of her dinner. She also liked watching the cooks prepare all the meals. When they got home they played for a bit before bed time. Then Madison and Nana got cozy and read some good books before bed. It was a nice way for Madison to end her busy week and a nice way for Mommy and Daddy to have a dinner out before baby #2 arrives.


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