Day 327: Super Special Tuesday!

Today was an All Star day for Madison! Every moment about today was special for Mommy and Daddy who are bursting with excitment and are so proud.

The day started with Madison being only 1 of 3 kids who made it to school today. She had lots of attention from all the volunteers,  used her walker for everything and did a fantastic job with how different things were from the snowy day.

After school Madison went to Grandview to have a session with Kate. She worked on lots of walking, independent standing and her balance. She had another therapist sit in on her session to learn from her awsomeness!


When Madison got home she had a much needed nap. 2.5 hours! Yesss!

Madison helped make pancakes for dinner and then it was off to the pool for a swim with Ryan.

Madison’s swimming was the best part of the day! For the first time Madison walked all the way from the front door of Variety Village to the pool change room, got changed and walked into the pool for her lesson. During her lesson she worked on some walking on the ramp and learning how to get herself in and out of the side of the pool by herself. Ryan had a guest coach from Swim Canada shadow their lesson to plan goals for Madison. After her lesson she walked hy herself back into the change room, got dressed and then walked herself out of the building to the car. Madison took her time to get in and out of the building so her walking time matched the total time of her lesson – but the more she does it the faster she will get. Mommy and Daddy were so happy and proud to see how much she loved her independence and how she beamed with pride walking through the halls.


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