Day 325: Cooking Fun!

Madison helped Mommy prepare each of her meals today. Her day started with helping Mommy make eggs and toast for breakfast. She loves to scramble the eggs up as fast as she can while trying not to fall over.

When breakfast was done Madison went to play at Pam and Medfords while Mommy rested and Daddy and Grandpa worked on fixing the wall. Madison visited with Boggie  (Pam’s cat) and threw toys to him. She also played one of her favourite games “on and off” where she turns the lights on and off and asks where everyone is. She had some yummy snacks and then headed home for a nap.


Before her nap she had a quick play with Grandpa Ambos once they were finished with fixing the wall.


After nap time, Madison helped Mommy make lunch. She helped cut her sandwitch and cheese and peel her clementine.  She then had a fun afternoon playing with Daddy while Mommy rested.

Madison loved making a special sauce for her chicken dinner. She helped cut and prepare all the ingredients – even the sticky garlic, parsley and butter and stirred it all together. After dinner Madison helped Daddy make smoothies for breakfast tomorrow. She picked which berries to use and helped Daddy peel the bananas.


Madison loves being in the kitchen and helping to prepare food. The learning tower has been one of the best purchases ever! It allows Madison to participate and get to know food and her standing skills and balance have also improved. She is also an extremly picky eater. We have found if she is a part of picking her food and preparing it – she is more likly to eat it and try new things.

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