Day 323:Friday Physio Fun with Emily

Madison wanted to eat her lunch in her tower today. She is a clementine machine!


After lunch she chased Stitch around the house in her walker.


Madison then spent the rest of her afternoon at Variety Village for a session with Stephanie. Emily joined Madison to see her use her ski boots and other exercises with her walker so that they can do them in the basement together on Mondays. Madison did a fantastic job in her ski boots. She did the longest standing she has ever done! Madison has a tendency to let her left knee collapse when trying to stand that effects her balance. Stephanie put a yoga block between Madison’s legs as she was standing and it was the perfect amount of support to keep her legs in line. Madison also practiced walking in her walker around a pilon to practice lifting it to be able to turn. She was a bit silly at first and then was able to figure it out and did it! Madison wanted to walk out of the building again after her session was done and was not as distracted as the other day.


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