Day 303 Winter Break Fun!

Today was Madison’s first official day of her winter break. The day started with a physio session with Stephanie at VV bright and early. She continued to work on her independent standing with her ski boots and she also tried doing some reaching and cross body activities while standing in the boots. She also walked to the treadmill and back by herself in her walker and did 100 steps on the treadmill today! She had a great morning workout!


After physio, Mommy and Madison worked on a special project at the house. It was recommended that we create some kind of chart to motivate Madison to use her walker more at home for transitions. We made a special chart of water. Everytime Madison uses her walker at home she can go to the chart and put a sticker of a fish or mermaid or other sea creature in the water. We will also use the chart to reward her for when she practices standing in her ski boots at home. Now that Madison has her school walker at home for the next 2 weeks we are going to really push it’s use. So far so good.


After some work in her walker, Madison enjoyed some sensory play with red jello!


Madison’s day ended with a special Christmas tradition. A Christmas party with the skating girls!  She played with Sonia and Jon’s dog Alice and loved her gifts from Anne and Kyle. The gingerbread cookies Sarina made were a big hit with Madison. It was nice visiting with everyone and catching up.


As Mommy and Daddy were trying to get things organized for bed, Madison seemed to get her second wind . Here is a video of her new favourite game in her tower. ..playing peekaboo in the dark.

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