Day 301: Success at School!

Madison’s teacher sent an email this morning updating us on her progress. She told us Madison has been taking more risks and trying new things like climbing up the side of the jungle gym instead of using the stairs. She is identifying her name when mixed together with other children’s names and she has been playing with new kids she hasn’t played with before. She is also able to identify letters in her name and is starting to put the letters in the right order. Her and another little girl also hug each other goodbye when they transition from each center. We are thrilled to hear about the gains she is making not just with her physical challenges but with her cognitive and social skills.


Madison spent her afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos. She did lots of Christmas crafts and made a pretty centerpiece of greens for Mommy and Daddy. Swimming was cancelled tonight so she was able to have some down time at home before bed.


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