Day 299: The Learning Tower!

Madison received her letter from Santa today! She was excited to see the paper it was written on and told us Molly her elf told Santa to send it.  It was really cute.

Madison also received an early Christmas present today. ..her Learning Tower! For the last few months Madison has been super interested in what we cook and make in the kitchen.  She tries to stand holding onto the cabinets and looks up to see what we are doing. She is not strong enough with her balance to stand on a stool or chair. We decided to find a tower that will bring her to counter top height so she can safely stand and participate in what is happenning in the kitchen. She tried it for the first time tonight during her evening ritual of making smoothies with Daddy and she loved it!!!! She helped peel the bananas, put the berries in and was able to see them get blended up for breakfast tomorrow.  


Madison also tried out a new Kaye walker at Grandview tonight and did so well and loved it!! She moved so smoothly in it and at some points she was running!


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